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KDS Polarized Sunglasses


KDS Polarized Sunglasses feature big lenses for wide coverage and a stylish look. Proven to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light and reduces eyestrain, the polarized lens material also helps remove glare so you can see exactly what's going on below the water's surface. Very comfortable as well, the frames provide a close fit and excellent support. Lens and frame made from shatterproof TR90 with multilayer lens treatments to eliminate fog, scratches, and glare. Rubber nose pad improves comfort.

1mm lens provides greater visual acuity, as well as, improved contrast and sharpness. A more rigid lens material and smooth, state-of-the-art coating also creates greater resistance to scratches, and hence better optical performance.

Gray Lenses - Best for bright, sunny conditions, further reduces glare.


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